He's Gay, So What?

posted by Zenith

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Everyday there are people who are being oppressed by the law, by religion and even my their color. And sadly, there are also people around the world who are angered because of their sexuality. Gays and lesbians in particular are being bombarded by their brothers, sisters, parents and friends who have been blinded by stereotyping. They are topics of discrimination, hate and disrespect. These helpless individuals lost their self-worth because of some book that was written 3500 years ago. They have been deprived from equality because of people who plays God with their speech and sermons. I'm a christian and honestly, I too was against same sex relationships. But why do I feel pity to people who didn't choose to be gay or lesbians in the first place? Do you think they just commit themselves to feel affection to people in the same sex? What if no matter how hard they try they can't change the fact that they are like that? That they differ from what you normally conceive? Would you hate? Would you stay ignorant and drop bombs to act cool? 

Don't be so damn insensitive. Hear them out. Listen and open your mind to the disease that eats our society. God loves His people regardless of color, race nor sexuality. It's stupid that even the Church preach hate  and deviate us from equality which is the same reason why wars and conflicts are endless. Here's a video a friend (not gay) shared to me earlier and I was moved so much that it made me wrote my first blog update after almost seven months LOL!

We should try to be open-minded and perceive beyond the limits of our principles, ideas and religion. I consider myself lucky for being straight but I admire those who stand their ground despite their unlabeled sexuality. 

Love is patient, love is kind.